Cardiac/Intensive Care

Ridgeview offers industry leading cardiac and critical care services. Our team of critical care professionals includes primary care and specialty physicians, as well as cardiac/intensive care nurses, many of whom have achieved CCRN® certification granted by the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN). The critical care team also consists of respiratory therapists, dieticians, social workers, chaplains and medical librarians.

Ridgeview provides the most advanced equipment and systems available in cardiac technology, including:

  • Cardiac Diagnostic Testing—A wide array of non-invasive tests can help our CICU care team diagnose a patient's cardiovascular health and the nature or extent of a particular condition.
  • Decentralized Nursing Stations—Our CICU nursing station design features a nursing alcove for every two patient rooms, allowing the nurse to remain near a patient’s bedside.
  • Heart Monitoring—Our skilled CICU staff continually collects and monitors patient data throughout the unit.
  • Oximetry Monitoring—This technology measures oxygen levels in a patient's blood.
  • Invasive Monitoring—This is an advanced level of monitoring technology.
  • Bronchoscopy—Our care team uses a flexible scope to view a patient's airway.
  • Arrhythmia Assistant System—Ridgeview's central computer database stores a patient’s medical information during a hospital stay.

An Environment That Promotes Healing

Our Cardiac/Intensive Care Unit features eight private patient rooms. Special family and visitor amenities include a private consultation area, a family lounge with kitchenette and shower, computer data ports and modem access, a fireside waiting/reading area and more.

For more information, ask your physician about us or contact Ridgeview’s Cardiac/Intensive Care Unit.

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