Video Visits

When making an appointment, ask if a video visit is right for you. This option allows you to receive care in the comfort of your own home using a smartphone, tablet or computer. Secure video chats with your provider are hosted through your MyChart account. To get started, you’ll need an active account. Sign up here.

When is a Video Visit an Appropriate Option?

Not all appointments are appropriate for a video visit, so please talk to your Ridgeview scheduler to learn more. Generally, the following types of care are appropriate for a video visit:

  • Flu, cold or allergy
  • Mild symptoms of COVID-19
  • Medicare wellness exams
  • Diabetes & hypertension follow-up visits
  • Many medication refills or new prescriptions
  • Mental health services

Are Video Visits Covered by Insurance?

Video visits are billed and covered in the same way as in-person office visits. It is likely that your insurance company will cover your visit at the same rate as an office visits. Please contact your insurance company directly to confirm coverage.

How to Schedule a Video Visit

  • Call your clinic and ask to schedule a video visit. The scheduler will guide you through the process.
  • Log into MyChart and schedule your appointment online.
  • Message your provider via MyChart.

Once your appointment is set, you will receive an email notification about your upcoming visit. Then, seven days prior to your appointment, you will receive another reminder. Everything you need to know to get ready for your visit will be provided in these messages.

*If you need technical assistance, please call 833-509-1433.

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