Photo of Ridgeview's health navigators

Ridgeview Health Navigators

Ridgeview’s Health Navigators work one-on-one with you to design a coordinated, personalized plan that fits your individual needs and health goals. Health Navigators are especially beneficial if you have chronic diseases or complex needs.

How does a Health Navigator help?

Your Health Navigator will meet with you in person or by phone to:

  • Work with you to set health improvement goals
  • Follow up with you about your treatment plan
  • Connect you with resources for additional needs

Your Navigator is also your direct contact and advocate if you have any questions about your health. As part of your care team, your Health Navigator will regularly meet with your provider to discuss your condition and medical needs.

What is it like working with a Health Navigator?

When you meet with your Heath Navigator, you will work together to understand your condition, create personalized goals to meet your needs and learn how to reach them. This includes talking about how you are doing, and identifying where you need to focus your efforts to improve your symptoms and daily functioning.

What services are available through the Health Navigator program?

Certified Health Care Home

Ridgeview Clinics are a Minnesota Department of Health Certified Health Care Home. A Health Care Home is a primary care clinic or clinician certified by the Minnesota Department of Health to coordinate care among the primary care team, specialists and community partners as a collaborative care team by ensuring patient-centered, whole person care and improving total health and well-being. The Health Care Home designation acknowledges a critical shift from a purely medical model of health care to a focus on linking primary care with wellness, prevention, self-management, education and management of conditions and community services. Ridgeview’s Health Navigators increase care coordination by collaborating between primary care providers and community resources to provide quality-care within the communities served.