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Anticoagulation Services

Ridgeview offers Anticoagulation services to ensure you have the correct type and dose of your prescribed medicine.

You will receive anticoagulation services in consultation with Ridgeview pharmacists as needed. You and your health care team will receive education to ensure the safe and appropriate use of your prescribed anticoagulant drugs.

Physician referrals are required to receive Ridgeview Anticoagulation services.

Services Provided

  • Evaluation of health history, current medications and diet
  • Patient education about anticoagulation and individual treatment plans
  • Nutrition and lifestyle recommendations
  • Lab monitoring and adjustment of medication as appropriate
  • Ongoing evaluation of changes in diet, medications or other changes that could affect your therapy
  • Review of patient adherence and interventions
  • 24/7 clinical support to answer patient questions

Medications Managed

How Ridgeview’s Program Works

Ridgeview’s program is built around our patients and can be accessed one of two ways:

  • Anticoagulation visit with a nurse at a Ridgeview Clinics location
  • Telephone-based outreach and consultation

These options provide you with convenient methods to ensure your successful and safe therapy. Ridgeview makes care recommendations supported by the best available evidence. You also will be monitored and receive regular check-ins from our staff. Home monitoring is available for patients that qualify.

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