Specialty Providers & Staff

Our comprehensive team of professionals is experienced in all aspects of care for the bariatric patient, allowing individualized attention and support for each patient. Both Jeffrey Baker, MD, and Edmund Chute, MD, have more than 30 years of combined experience specializing in bariatric medicine, with more than 4,000 surgeries performed to date. Our excellent outcomes are a testament to the preeminent care provided by our surgeons, dietitians, registered nurses, exercise physiologist, health coach and managed care and insurance specialists. We also partner with experienced psychologists who provide emotional support throughout every patient's surgical process.

Ridgeview offers a variety of other specialty services that may be required during the preoperative assessment. These include sleep assessments, imaging services, endoscopy and cardiology.

Our Staff

Sandra Hanson, MS, ATC

Sandra Hanson, MS, ATC, graduated from Quinnipiac University in Connecticut and earned a master’s degree in Exercise Science from Southern Connecticut State University. She is a certified athletic trainer and has worked with elite athletes at the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center as well as swimmers with USA Swimming in Colorado Springs, Colo. Ms. Hanson has assisted a variety of patients receiving outpatient physical therapy with Ridgeview since 2010. She also provides exercise physiology consultations and education—pre- and post-operatively—for patients having bariatric surgery. She helps each person find a way to increase their activity and exercise levels to progress in their weight loss journey and achieve a better quality of life.

Michelle Lynch, RN

Michelle Lynch, RN, received her degree from the Minneapolis Community and Technical College. Ms. Lynch brings clinical expertise and interest in the health and well-being of the bariatric population to our program. She is versed in the process—pre- and post-surgically—and helps to educate each patient at every step to ensure excellent surgical outcomes and weight loss success.

Maria Carlson, CMA, AAMA

Maria Carlson, CMA, AAMA, received her degree from Anoka Technical College. Along with collecting and monitoring patient health data, she assists with pre- and post-operative patient management. Ms. Carlson reinforces education and serves as patient advocate in resolving patient needs. She has worked in bariatrics since 2015 and enjoys being a part of a team that helps patients achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Jon Anderson, CST/SA

Jon Anderson, CST/SA, has worked with Drs. Chute and Drew for more than a decade. Mr. Anderson is extremely experienced in assisting in bariatric surgery and has helped with more than 2,000 weight loss surgical procedures. He has trained and shared his skills in laparoscopic bariatric surgery with numerous other assistants.

Kris Baker

Kris Baker is our managed care specialist. Ms. Baker has worked in the field of bariatric medicine and with Dr. Baker for more than 10 years. She has held numerous positions in the clinic setting and always maintained a strong advocacy for our patients, their journey and care. To date, she has helped several thousand patients navigate through the insurance process, and is educated about the many local and national insurance carrier policies.

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