Following bariatric surgery, ‘My life has never been better’

Before and after photos of Terry Hennen, bariatric patient

For more than 20 years, Terry Hennen tried every diet plan and medication available. Over time, while struggling with her weight, Hennen began thinking about surgery. Then in 2020 her provider recommended surgery and it was just the confirmation she needed. “I knew this was probably the best thing for me all along and I had been thinking about it, but when my doctor recommended it, I was ready to make the move,” Hennen said. With confidence and assurance from her doctor, Hennen called Jeffrey Baker, MD, a bariatric surgeon at Ridgeview, the very next day.

During the six-month process of preparing for the surgery, Hennen knew she would need to make significant changes that would truly transform her life forever. Adjusting to new routines can feel scary and daunting, but Ridgeview’s Bariatric and Weight Loss team provided her with the kindness and support she needed to feel at ease.

At the start of Hennen’s journey she weighed 198 pounds, used a CPAP machine and took medication for high cholesterol. Now, 17 months post-surgery, she has settled in at 124 pounds, and no longer needs her CPAP machine or cholesterol medication. Hennen says, “Most importantly, I feel great. I have so much energy. I feel good and confident. I can do anything physical, where previously I had a hard time simply walking.”

Hennen claims one of the best things she has found post-surgery is that she has not had to sacrifice anything. She says, “I can still eat great food; I just eat smaller portions and am totally satisfied with that.” Other than reducing food portions, she says the only other thing that has changed are the positive feelings she has every day and says, “My life has never been better.”

During her journey, Hennen relocated from Minnesota to Florida, but chose to stick with the bariatric team at Ridgeview, which meant occasionally traveling back and forth, but Hennen says, “It was so worth it to stay with THIS TEAM.”

Today, Hennen is living in Florida, enjoying her retirement and working on a private yacht. “It’s a lot of physical work, so I stay in shape. Had I not had the surgery I would not have been able to do this kind of work. I love my job!” she added.

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