Brian's story

I have so much more energy

Photo of Ridgeview Bariatric patient Brian Burr before and after surgery“This was awesome and life altering,” said Brian Burr, Waconia, about his weight loss surgery. Brian underwent vertical sleeve gastrectomy with Jeffrey Baker, MD, Ridgeview Bariatric & Weight Loss Center in June 2019.

His decision to pursue surgery was made when he saw himself in his daughter’s wedding photos. “I’m 6 feet, five inches tall, and when I would be out in public, I would often hear people say things like, ‘Wow, that guy is huge,’” Burr said. He always felt that people were looking at him and judging him for his size.

Burr began his surgery process in April 2019. “I was very lucky to have found the Ridgeview team. They were all so supportive of my choice,” he said. Dr. discussed the pros and cons of my two surgical options and answered all of my questions so that I could make my choice with confidence,” Burr said.

“Thanks to Dr. Baker and his colleagues everything, including navigating my insurance coverage, was taken care of for me and explained very well along the way. I felt comfortable at ever point,” he said. Burr said Dr. Baker’s professional attention to detail allowed him to have the best result, not just for recovery, but by performing the perfect sleeve procedure to support maximum weight loss.

Four months after his surgery, Brian had lost 103 pounds. His life has changed so much since his surgery. “My blood pressure is normal and I’m off all blood pressure medications. My sleep apnea is gone. My thyroid is back to normal and my knee pain has greatly improved. I have so much more energy,” Burr said.

Not only is he experiencing great health improvements, he no longer hears, “That guy is huge,” but instead, “Wow, that guy is tall,” and “You look younger! How did you lose all of that weight?”

Comments like that make him feel so much happier about himself and his decision. He recognizes that bariatric surgery is not a magical change. “All of this takes a commitment, a lifelong commitment, to make the changes to be successful with weight loss. It’s not an easy fix,” he added.

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