Beth's story

It was a really big decision for me

Photos of Beth Gasser before and after bariatric surgery

“It’s the best decision I ever made,” is how Beth Gasser of Hutchinson, described her bariatric surgical process and experience. Beth underwent vertical sleeve gastrectomy with Jeffrey Baker, MD, Ridgeview Bariatric & Weight Loss Center in May 2018.

Beth suffered from morbid obesity for much of her adult life. She tried many diet and exercise programs, and found she could successfully lose weight but could not keep the weight off long term. She first heard of bariatric surgery in 2011 when a close friend underwent a gastric bypass procedure.

“As a part of my friend’s support system both before and after surgery, I was very involved in her journey,” Beth said.
Although the possibility of bariatric surgery being a viable option for Beth lingered in the back of her mind for years, it wasn’t until she met with her primary care physician that the idea took hold.

Beth spent the next year discussing the idea with her husband as well researching different programs and procedures. In February 2018, she attended a Ridgeview Bariatric & Weight Loss Center information seminar and credited Kris Baker, managed care specialist, Ridgeview Bariatric & Weight Loss Center, for being pivotal in helping her to take the next step.

“It was a really big decision for me but Kris knew exactly what to say to encourage me to keep moving forward. From start to finish, the process was very organized and the steps very clear. I knew what was expected of me, not just before surgery, but afterwards, and I felt encouraged every step of the way,” Beth said.

She said her surgical experience was exactly what she expected. “Thanks to the Ridgeview team, I was well prepared for what would happen and I recovered quickly and without issue,” she added. Her biggest fear was getting dehydrated and she took steps to ensure that this didn’t happen.

“I set alarms, had my support team encouraging me to drink and literally put a water bottle in every room, office and vehicle. I clearly stayed ahead of the game,” she said.

Beth said she highly recommends Dr. Baker, his team and the Ridgeview program to others looking change their lifestyle and improve their health.

Six months following her surgery, Beth celebrated her half way goal weight by traveling to Haiti for a medical mission trip. Now that she has lost 121 pounds at her one year mark, she’s looking forward to celebrating with a trip to Italy, competing in a bike race and a 5K run.

“I also plan to learn to paddle board and surf, but my biggest goal is to continue to stay healthy and active so that I have the energy to do all that I want to do,” she added.

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