TRUST: It’s Only Five Letters, Yet it’s a Big Word

You took a major leap of faith when you put your life in the hands of Ridgeview's Bariatric & Weight Loss Center team. You trusted what we told you and moved forward with probably one of the most life altering decisions you’ve ever made.

Now that you’re on the “other side” of that decision, I’d like to ask you a question:


If your answer is a 100 percent yes, then you are good to go. If your answer is any other percentage less than 100 percent, I have more questions.

The effect of bariatric surgery that appears magical at first lessens over time following surgery. Studies have shown that the Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass patient after five and 10 years out show a 15 percent weight regain.

The first couple of years after surgery is your window of opportunity to learn, to change, to heal and to grow in your knowledge of self and your “old” lifestyle. You can do this at five or 10 years post op if you’d like. I’d encourage you to start before surgery, as it’ll be a much easier journey for you.

As an almost nine year post op bariatric surgery patient myself, I did not follow this before surgery. I didn’t make a “conscious” effort to really heal from my past, transform my thoughts about my body, my self-esteem, my relationships, my value and belief systems that kept me morbidly obese for most of my life until 2011. Almost two years to the date of my surgery. 

I trusted the surgery and the power of it, but I did not trust myself. Taking the initiative to gain self-trust is probably one of the biggest reasons why I continue to be successful nine years post-surgery. This was not mandated by my surgical team, or any health care provider and was not covered by my insurance.

If you don’t trust you…….

  • What prevents you from that?
  • What is preventing you from looking into changing that?
  • Have you put all of your trust into the surgery you’ve just had?
  • Have you reached out to our team, a counselor, a therapist or a coach to help you with this aspect?

Sally Simcox
Certified Therapeutic Coach®

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