About the Bariatric Center

Ridgeview provides the complete spectrum of care required for successful bariatric surgery. We carefully prepare patients for surgery, taking into account both physical and emotional health. We also assist you with navigating the insurance process, advocating for your needs and helping gather the necessary documentation to obtain approval.

When patients are finally ready for the procedure, our experienced and skilled surgeons, assistants, anesthesiologists and nursing staff work together to carry out a safe operation and promote a comfortable recovery.

After surgery, we require frequent and extensive follow-up to ensure that our patients achieve a healthy and sustainable weight loss. Throughout the process you will be monitored, coached and assisted by a dedicated multidisciplinary team.

Take your first step on your weight loss journey by watching our online seminar:

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If you are attending an Info Session, please complete this form and bring it with you.

Bariatric Intake Form [PDF]

Note: Copies of insurance cards can be made at the clinic.

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