Sandra Craig’s story

We knew the end was near, but Mom kept on living. The nurses said she wasn’t following end-of-life protocol. Instead, we think she was writing her own book. She always wanted to be a writer. Thankfully, we got to live her heartening story to the end.
Sandra Craig’s story

Sandra Craig, a mom full of life, love, family and friends, was suddenly ravaged with cancer. A pillar of courage, a patient soul—she took us on a journey that brought us together like never before. It ended with a peaceful good-bye thanks to her strength, our love and Ridgeview Hospice.

When we knew Mom couldn’t be cured, we found a facility that provided everything we couldn’t—the Marie Steiner Kelting Hospice Home in Chaska.

What Mom endured is unimaginable. But along with the pain, sporadic tears and heartache came many peaceful moments—like the time she said, “Thank you for being here. Thank you for loving me.” That’s when we knew the Hospice Home was built for her. How amazing it was that the Home was completed just three weeks before she arrived.

Even more remarkable were the nurses, aides, and volunteers who welcomed her and kept her comfortable, continually making adjustments to meet her ever-changing needs. We watched. They were truly gifted. They treated her like their own mom. And they brought us relief—managing responsibilities from pain to personal care. With your support, they can continue helping others as they helped Mom.

Pizza parties, sledding parties, birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine’s Day—through it all we filled that house with joy, laughter and memories. We can’t imagine how Mom’s story would have played out without the Hospice Home. Time and comfort was a gift—to accept, process and watch Mom transition.

The Marie Steiner Kelting Hospice Home was built entirely on the vision of philanthropists and individual gifts. We’ll never forget the meaning of that—the impact it has on our family. Mom let go without fear thanks to the peace of her surroundings, extraordinary care and love from her family.

Consider a gift to Ridgeview Hospice. We’re living proof of families that don’t know they’ll need it, but when they do, they’re grateful for it.

To love, laughter and a big hug for Mom,

The Family of Sandra Craig