Mike Dyste’s story

Mike Dyste of Bloomington was sick of pain and angry that it took his active lifestyle away. But thanks to a successful double knee replacement, he’s back on the road again and grateful.
Mike Dyste’s story

When ibuprofen stopped working, he knew his quality of life would change dramatically. For retired but active 64-year-old Mike Dyste of Bloomington, life was cheering him on, but his failing knees couldn’t keep up.

He found himself sitting in a condo for three days icing his knees while out west skiing. Eventually he had to quit his road bike group, baseball league and golf outings. He dreaded simple activities like dressing—just the constant anticipation of pain was painful.

If it wasn’t for his neighbor recovering from knee replacement surgery, and his rave reviews about The Center for Joint Replacement at Ridgeview Medical Center, Mike wouldn’t be biking, skiing or pain-free. But he is now.

His neighbor referred him to orthopedic surgeon Dr. Robert Barnett who happens to live near them both. “That recommendation changed my life,” Mike says. “Not only did I get advice and expertise from one of the Twin Cities leading surgeons, but an extraordinary experience I’m grateful for.”

Who knew three guys living in Bloomington would have such a unique connection to a regional hospital 45 minutes away, when there are larger, equally capable health care options closer to home. Mike says if he were to do it all over again, he wouldn’t change a thing.

His double knee replacement went phenomenally well. Mike’s grit, determination and I’ve-had-it-attitude, combined with Ridgeview’s encouraging nurses and staff, led to a not-so-common early release.

But Mike’s part-time stay at a transitional care facility near his home didn’t compare. “It’s so apparent how unique the culture is at Ridgeview— its compassionate and responsive staff, meticulous care and state-of-the-art amenities.”

The Center for Joint Replacement gives patients like Mike access to a highly specialized surgical and rehabilitation staff— a coordinated team approach to recovery. “The whole program from start to finish is best in class,” Mike says. “There’s too many things I want to do yet in life, and now I feel there’s nothing I can’t do.”