Marge Kellor’s story

Becoming seriously ill was the farthest thing from Marge Kellor's mind. Unfortunately, a routine mammogram in December 2006 changed all that. Today, Marge is a breast cancer survivor, and she is grateful for the expert medical team and the resources available at Ridgeview Medical Center.
Marge Kellor’s story

For Marge Kellor, health and fitness have always been things she has enjoyed working hard to maintain. Upon retiring in 2000 from a part-time career as an occupational therapist, Marge focused much of her time and energy on staying fit, enjoying family and friends and actively serving in her church. At that time, becoming seriously ill was the farthest thing from her mind. A routine mammogram in December 2006, however, changed all that.

Today, thankfully, Marge is a breast cancer survivor. And Ridgeview Medical Center was instrumental in helping restore her health and enabling her to return to an active lifestyle.

Marge was caught off guard when additional imaging and a biopsy were needed following a routine mammogram. The news that she did, in fact, have breast cancer took her breath away—and came on the very same day her father-in-law had passed away. Marge says it was beginning to feel as if her life had been turned upside down.

Fortunately, she was able to meet with a surgeon shortly after the diagnosis. Marge says that his comforting words were helpful in putting her mind at ease and preparing her for the surgery and treatments that lay ahead. On subsequent visits to Ridgeview, Marge says the staff that provided treatment was extremely competent, caring and always willing to take time to answer questions and discuss her concerns.

Following a lumpectomy, Marge underwent 35 radiation treatments over a period of seven weeks. Ridgeview’s close proximity to her home made the frequent treatments and doctor appointments much easier to manage.

Marge is currently in remission, has been able to return to an active lifestyle and says she credits the expert medical staff and the resources available at Ridgeview Medical Center. She even participated on a team that competed in a recent Lake Waconia Triathlon.

The generous support of so many community members has enabled Ridgeview to transform Marge’s life in ways that she says she could not have imagined. She says that it is a treasure to have a comprehensive medical facility serving her community, and that she’s comforted in knowing that Ridgeview can be counted on for excellent service whenever she needs it.

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