Karen Schmidt Shares Ada’s Story

This Memorial Day, you and our family share something special … together we’ll remember those we love.

On New Year’s Day, our 93-year-old mom, Ada, died of ovarian cancer. At one point she was told she had 3 to 5 days to live. Thankfully, she was with us for 10 more months. We were so happy.

Mom drove until she was 90, played cards with the same ladies for 50 years and volunteered for the American Legion Auxiliary for 66 years. She was something special, and we love her.

Thanks to the Ridgeview Hospice team, Mom lived to the end with dignity, free of suffering, at peace …

Our mom and dad were married for 39 years. They began their married life together at an Army base—one of the reasons Memorial Day was a big event for our family. My brother, sisters and I remember going to the American Legion picnic and parade with my parents every year. We’ll remember those times forever.

After Dad died, Mom kept busy. She was a widow for 32 years and remained an inspiration to us all. Her faith, friends and family, lively social schedule and never-ending smile carried her to the end. Mom always said, “I know where I’m going, but I’m just not in a hurry to get there.” Over the course of her life, she endured an aortic aneurism, breast cancer, a stroke and was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer at the age of 87.

Through surgery, chemotherapy, and some serious ups and downs, Mom wouldn’t let herself stay down for long. People who knew her called her the Energizer Bunny.

When Mom couldn’t keep going anymore, we turned to the amazing nurses, volunteers and specialists of Ridgeview Hospice. They helped all of us through it.

Mom received amazing care at the nursing home and at the Marie Steiner Kelting Hospice Home in Chaska. The staff shared gifts, music, humor, spa-like treatment and from-the-heart care. We are grateful.

We don’t need to tell you how hard it is to experience the last chapter of a loved one’s life. But what you may not know is how hospice can’t survive without your help. There are so many things Medicare fees and other insurer reimbursements won’t cover.

We hope we can count on your gift this year. Your gift goes immediately to work, helping other families like ours cope with doubts, fears, stress and so much more.

Mom’s last two weeks were all about family, comfort and a strong circle of care that we’re so grateful for … we thank Ridgeview Hospice. Your support can help them continue to do so much for hospice patients and their families.

Your gift to Ridgeview Hospice will help provide others the same level of high-quality care our mom received while in hospice. It’s a vital program that reflects the utmost care and support, while leaving you with friendships and peaceful satisfaction.

Please join my siblings and me in supporting our neighbors and friends in the southwest metro area. Thank you.

In honor of Mom this Memorial Day,
Karen Schmidt; my brother, David; sisters, Joyce and Lynne; and all the grandkids

The Schmidts are residents of Chaska, Minn., and appreciate the care their mother received so close to home.