Johnny Holm’s story

Jumping off stages, leaping onto chairs and dancing into crowds mean everything to Johnny Holm of The Johnny Holm Band. He’s enjoying a 40-year milestone in the music business and wants nothing to do with stopping. But when this front man faced excruciating hip pain—affecting his performance and everyday life—he wondered how the show would go on.
Johnny Holm’s story

“Life was brutally miserable,” says this charismatic character from Chaska. “It was affecting my mental attitude.” Johnny’s two-year-old, right-hip replacement wasn’t cooperating—until he connected with the professionals at Ridgeview. “I was entertaining at a [Ridgeview] Foundation event—playing and hurting,” he says. “That night, somebody mentioned a doc who might help me. I yelled from the stage, ‘If Dr. Heeter is in the house, I need you!’”

Soon after that, Johnny met with orthopaedic surgeon Robert Heeter. “I felt so confident when I met him,” says Johnny. The source of pain was quickly identified, along with a solid solution: a hip revision that could bring almost total relief. And that was music to Johnny’s ears.

Unfortunately, a horrific car accident added to Johnny's pain before the surgery was even scheduled. He was ejected through the back window of his band’s bus on the way home from a performance. Fortunately everyone, including Johnny, sustained non-life-threatening injuries.

Soon after that, he checked in for surgery and underwent an intricate hip revision that meant moving the muscle aside, rearranging the bone and placing a new prosthesis. Ridgeview helped him to heal—both physically and mentally.

“Everything was first-class awesome!” says Johnny. “This was heads above my prior hip experience. I couldn’t believe how organized, caring and well equipped the staff and hospital was. I felt completely at ease.” After a well-orchestrated group recovery and rehabilitation program at Ridgeview’s Center for Joint Replacement, Johnny "graduated" from Ridgeview’s “joint camp” and was discharged to go home.

Johnny smiles when he talks about his daughter’s welcome-home gift—a walking cane engraved with “Johnny Holm. The show must go on.” And it did. Four weeks after surgery, Johnny hit the stage with a whole new attitude. His mojo was back—the fire, the zest and the pizzazz.

“I’m extremely grateful. I’m 59 years old, doing what I love to do,” says Johnny. “I brag to everyone about the connection I have with Ridgeview, Dr. Heeter and all of the support staff.” Because of that connection, he was eager to give back—with a contribution to Ridgeview Foundation’s Grateful Patient Program.

Gratitude is powerful and far-reaching. It’s support like Johnny’s that can help Ridgeview provide life-saving and life-enhancing care every day. Please consider joining Johnny Holm and so many other benevolent donors in giving to Ridgeview Foundation. We’re grateful for the opportunity to care for Johnny—and every patient who selects our organization for care. The gift of good health brings music to our ears.