Jeremiah Burnett’s story

He was so small—hands the size of a nickel and feet no longer than the length of a pen cap. Our fragile miracle, who initially looked like a handful of skin and eyes, is now a pudgy, smiling curly-haired angel. Jeremiah was one of the first arrivals at Ridgeview's new Neonatal Care Unit (NCU). -Ethropic Burnett, Jeremiah's mom
Jeremiah Burnett’s story

Weighing only 3 pounds 2 ounces, Jeremiah arrived eight weeks early. I’ll never forget that day. The calm, affirming neonatologists on staff from nationally recognized Children’s Hospitals orchestrated a birth that clearly didn’t need a rehearsal. They brought peace of mind, critical medical expertise and a 4-week stay that was unforgettable.

Jeremiah got to stay in a best-in-class facility in the community we live, know and love—10 miles from home in Chaska. That wasn’t the case when Jeremiah’s older sister was born. She was a preemie too. I remember the stress—hotels, fast food, expensive parking and a wearing commute between home and downtown Minneapolis.

I’m grateful for the convenience, but also for the compassionate, kind medical staff that held my hands and wiped my tears of joy.

I grew up in a big family and learned that love conquers and you always help your neighbors. That’s how I live my life and teach my children. And that’s why the experience at Ridgeview will sustain us forever. What a powerful community asset that gives so much yet asks for so little in return. For all the tiny patients to come, Jeremiah is a testament that good things are in store for those who come in small packages. Our family is grateful!

Jeremiah is now in the care of our Ridgeview family pediatrician Dr. Lorene Rutherford. The positive experience didn’t stop the day we left Ridgeview NCU. She’s an extension of the kindness and compassion that is “so Ridgeview.”

Join me in my quest to give back, treat your neighbors well and give to an organization that performs miracles everyday. Whether it is for my son, your daughter or your grandchild, your gift to Ridgeview Medical Center will make an impact—and deliver more happy outcomes like Jeremiah. Grateful for Ridgeview and the warm community it serves,

Ethropic Burnett
Grateful mom