Georgina and Ernest Schirmer’s story

The people from hospice were angels. We’re grateful for the peace of mind and comfort they gave us—and the marvelous care they gave our parents. —The Schirmer Family

Mom suffered from memory loss and quickly deteriorated. But every day when Dad would visit, he brought her a banana to eat. Then, they would snuggle—Mom’s head always nestled on his shoulder. During Mom’s last days, the tremendous care Ridgeview Hospice gave her not only comforted my dad, but us too.

When Mom passed away, my dad held her hand. His best friend was gone just one year after their 70th wedding anniversary. It wasn’t easy, but soon after he faced one more painful battle: cancer. He hung on as best he could, but we all knew without question that Ridgeview Hospice would enhance his final days too. Dad didn’t have the strength to open his eyes then, but he managed to for Bob Haskin, Ridgeview Hospice chaplain. After that special visit, Dad closed his eyes and two hours later he was gone.

This devoted couple died only five months apart. It broke our hearts. But we’ll set the table for them this holiday season—in their memory—to celebrate the love and generosity they shared with so many.

Their friends always said there was no couple like Georgina and Ernest. Maybe it was the way they lit up a room, the gentle way they held hands or their festive contagiousness. Everyone they touched adored them.

Too many emotions. Such a big loss. But as we near the holiday, we’ll celebrate—a toast to family, food and fun. That’s what Mom and Dad lived for. Instigate togetherness, love big and laugh a lot.

For the first time ever, we’ll hang the antique, silver heart ornament that belonged to my dad, lovingly passed down from his father, and now passed on to me. Anticipating that moment, I know I’ll cry with a smile.

Celebrate with us as we remember family, love and laughter. Your gift will positively impact the hospice program so others, like our parents Georgina and Ernest, can live every moment.

With fond memories and gratitude,

Betty Schirmer-Franke
… and my brothers, Clayton and Ron