Addie Mucha’s story

Brain aneurysm survivor and Ridgeview grateful patient Addie Mucha recently returned to say thanks to the Emergency Department, including attending physician Laurie Drill-Mellum, MD, MPH (pictured); her nurse, and the paramedics who cared for her while in the ambulance.
Addie Mucha’s story

Teaching algebra students how to turn real-life problems into equations and solve them is something that comes naturally to Addie Mucha. She does it on a daily basis. But one afternoon, when she was faced with excruciating head pain and excessive bleeding in her brain, she wondered if she had encountered a problem she couldn’t solve.

Emergency staff at Ridgeview Medical Center feared that her condition could be the beginning of the end, but Addie is a living miracle that defied the outcome of most brain aneurysms. After an intricate brain procedure, a prolonged coma and several grueling weeks of rehab—learning to speak, walk, eat and function again—this 56-year-old veteran math teacher from Howard Lake has solved her biggest real-life problem.

Addie’s physical scars are now starting to fade. She’s driving again, living on her own, caring for her dad and teaching algebra—part-time now. She laughs out loud that her once shaved-off, straight, thin hair grew back with bouncy volume and curl—certainly a sign of good things to come!

She is grateful for the close proximity of Ridgeview and the impeccable speed and skill of the emergency medical team—undeniably key to her amazing road to recovery.

Friends say Addie is a very grateful person anyway. That’s how she lives her life. But the level of gratitude she has for her supportive community, and the staff and capabilities at Ridgeview, has reached a whole new level.

Addie clearly benefited from the generosity of former Ridgeview patients, and she, too, has made the choice to give back. She encourages fellow Ridgeview patients to join her in saying “thank you”—with a vitally important gift to Ridgeview’s Grateful Patient Program.

So many are grateful that Ridgeview Medical Center is here in our community, with an excellent Emergency Department that provides life-saving care every day. Please consider a gift to benefit the hospital. It will support Ridgeview and help us to continue providing outstanding health care to our community.