Corporate Partnership

Through corporate partnerships, we seek to facilitate relationships that benefit both Ridgeview and your company. We work with businesses - large and small - to engage employees and customers to support Ridgeview. Partnerships can include financial support, event sponsorships, cause marketing and in-kind donations that support program areas with the greatest need.

Founder's Society

The Founder’s Society makes a vital difference in assuring the advancement of health care technology and services in many important areas of our Medical Center. Members’ gifts or pledges of $10,000 to more than $1,000,000 greatly impact Ridgeview’s success and future direction. One hundred percent of Founder’s Society contributions are used to support the project chosen by its members.

Legacy Society

It’s not what you leave, it’s what you say by leaving something. By remembering Ridgeview Foundation in your estate plan, you will create a lasting connection between you, your community, Ridgeview Medical Center, and the patients and families it serves. Your planned gift can help ensure that quality, state-of-the-art health care will remain available locally for generations to come.

The Legacy Society is comprised of individuals who are so committed to the future growth of the Medical Center that they have made a planned gift to Ridgeview Foundation. Each member of this distinguished group of philanthropists has left a legacy by making an enduring, positive impact on the community.

Provider Philanthropy Council

The Provider Philanthropy Council (PPC) is a dedicated group of Ridgeview Medical Center and affiliated providers who serve as champions and role models to their peer providers groups and are essential in establishing philanthropy as a central principle of the Ridgeview mission. The Provider Philanthropy Council members also work diligently to maximize the power of grateful patient philanthropy by helping to guide Ridgeview’s Grateful Patient Program. Through the work of the PPC council members, contributions and gifts are secured for medical equipment needs, educational activities and community needs as it pertains to the work of the providers.

Ridgeview Friends & Family

Ridgeview Friends & Family, Ridgeview Foundation’s largest giving club, combines community members and employees in a collaborative effort to support Ridgeview Medical Center. It is the anchor of the annual fund, with over 1,000 donors. Every gift is significant considering Ridgeview Foundation’s partner, Ridgeview Medical Center, is a nonprofit and independent health care organization. Inspired by the desire to provide exceptional health care for our region, Ridgeview Friends & Family donors are united by their commitment to Ridgeview’s patients and families.