Request a Donation or In-Kind Sponsorship Support

Ridgeview is committed to improving the health of the communities it serves, and we welcome the opportunity to support organizations and charitable efforts that do the same. As a nonprofit organization, Ridgeview gives careful consideration to the hundreds of requests we receive from individuals and groups throughout our service area. Though we would like to support all that ask, we are limited in the number of and level at which we can support.

To request a financial or in-kind donation from Ridgeview, please submit a Request for Donation Application to Ridgeview by completing the online form found below.

Donation and Sponsorship Guidelines

Thank you for considering these guidelines before submitting your application for financial or in-kind support from Ridgeview.

  • All requests should be made at least 60 days prior to sponsorship/event start date.
  • Special consideration is given to those efforts that directly impact the health and wellness of individuals or communities, and/or those that involve multiple communities within Ridgeview’s seven-county service area.
  • Ridgeview’s guidelines do not allow us to donate to individual causes, school/sports teams, associations or neighborhood events.
  • Ridgeview does not provide financial support to race events though will consider in-kind support.
  • Ridgeview does not purchase courtesy advertising.
  • Only one donation request per organization may be submitted per year.

Application Process

Please complete the online form below: