My Years in Waconia by Edith Nagel Eisinger

Photo of the original Nagel Hospital in Waconia“Now over rough roads indeed lies the way to medical glory. A Doctor will be with patients in all seasons; in sorrow, and in joy, in death or recovery – from dawn of life to its sunset. It is good for Doctors to start in life with no endowments but health, character, courage, and honorable ambition. The practice of medicine is an honorable calling, and there is perpetual light in the possession of knowledge. Doctors are allowed intimacies and entrusted with secrets confided to no other person and so it counts for such to have character which is superior to possessions. So the purest treasure mortal times afford is a spotless reputation. And such will stand alone in the sunlight of fame. And their honors cannot be transmitted or inherited.

Now a few words about this hospital. Marble floor and guilded walls do not a Hospital make, nor is it a place of gain but rather of sacrifice. And woman still remains the Angel of the Sickroom. Service is still the noblest and happiest function of man. The Nurse is the most gracious and most competent of women. May they leave mankind their debtor.” – Edith Eisinger Nagel, wife of Dr. Harold Nagel

Photo of second Nagel Hospital in WaconiaIn 2020, Ridgeview President and CEO Mike Phelps received a small package in the mail. Inside was a short book of personal memories and detailed history of the first hospital and life in Waconia from 1935-1954. The book was authored by Edith Eisinger, a nurse and the wife of Dr. Harold Nagel, the physician who started Nagel Hospital, which became Waconia Hospital and eventually Ridgeview Medical Center.
Listen to this impactful historical narrative – in her words.


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