Waconia resident, community advocate turns to Ridgeview

Waconia resident and community advocate Gary Nordick turned to Ridgeview Medical Center when he needed care for a back injury this summer. From the emergency room to imaging, and from coordinating care with his primary care provider and specialist to surgery through recovery, “No matter what area of the hospital I was in, there was always help, smiles and a ton of organization among Ridgeview and its superb employees,” Nordick said. “It’s one thing to be treated greatly one time, but during several visits—and with many staff members—I had a consistent, positive and excellent experience.”

Now recovered—and “feeling about 20 years younger”—Nordick focuses on the “positive” side of his injury. “Ridgeview: Thanks again for all you did for me. I honestly feel very blessed to have a top-of-the-line health care organization in my backyard.”