Pediatric Rehab presents ‘Why Art?’

Ridgeview Pediatric Rehab hosted "Why Art?," an opportunity for their “artists” to share their artwork with families, friends and health care providers on April 24. The art crawl included finger paintings, paper mache and clay figures.

Art can be a very enjoyable and fun activity for children. They get to be creative and use their skills to color, draw, paint and sculpt different projects. For many kids, these creations are done without much thought in how they will do them. However, for other kids, just holding onto to a crayon, or trying to use a pair of scissors, or touching paint can be a challenge. At Ridgeview Pediatric Rehab, art is a big part of a child’s therapy. It helps children strengthen their muscles, helps them eat a balanced meal, helps them learn to write and much more.

Ridgeview's Pediatric Rehab staff of speech-language pathologists and physical and occupational therapists has over 50 years of experience helping pediatric patients of all ages—from infancy to adolescence. Located in Waconia, Pediatric Rehab offers a program tailored to meet each child’s individual needs, which includes specialized services such as feeding assessments, videotaped swallow studies, pool therapy and sensory treatments. Staff communicates regularly with physicians, teachers and other caregivers to ensure they are aware of a child’s progress and goals.

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