HeartMath donates monitors to Ridgeview Specialty Clinic–Pediatric Integrative Medicine

HeartMath donates monitors to Ridgeview Specialty Clinic

Waconia, MN (April 23, 2013)—In early February, HeartMath Inc. teamed up with Ridgeview Specialty Clinic Pediatric Integrative Medicine to raise awareness about the clinic’s work and a unique technology that is making a difference to the clinic’s patients.

The two organizations engaged in a social networking tactic that rallied friends and family to send a collective message of hope and healing to Ridgeview’s young patients. The collective initiative united hundreds of people to collectively send healing wishes to the clinic’s patients and their families. Ridgeview and HeartMath inspired hundreds of people to join in this goodwill act, which resulted in over 600 signatures for the “Hearts for Healing” card that included a message of inspiration for the patients and their families.

The Hearts for Healing card is now displayed in the clinic for all the patients and families to enjoy. Accompanying the card was a generous gift. HeartMath donated its latest technology, the Inner Balance trainer—which consists of an educational app and a specialized sensor that works with iOS devices—for the clinic staff and patients.

The Inner Balance technology is an advanced heart rate monitor that is measuring heart rate variability (HRV). HRV is highly reflective of one’s emotional state and its fluctuations. Inner Balance provides the user with real-time feedback, stress reduction training and real-time coaching prompts to help individuals learn how to change their response to stress. This is a valuable tool that can help patients learn how to better manage the stress associated with physical health challenges.

HeartMath’s technology is one of Dr. Timothy Culbert’s favorite tools to use with patients. Dr. Culbert, director of Ridgeview Specialty Clinic–Pediatric Integrative Medicine, says, “I have been using the earlier version of this technology on a daily basis for quite some time. It’s been extremely effective in helping our young patients learn how to self-soothe, manage stress and other unsettling emotions, as well as increase their mental focus.”

Having the latest mobile health tools at the clinic, like the Inner Balance trainer, allows the clinic staff to provide the best of health care to their patients. HeartMath donated enough Inner Balance trainers to cover the staff needs as well as to provide for some of the patients that may not be able to purchase their own.



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