HealthViews Newsletter

HealthViews is published for community members in Ridgeview's service area, and features news about Ridgeview Medical Center and Clinics as well as helpful information on a variety of health-related topics.

  • HealthViews Spring 2013

    Read about a sixth-grade student who requested Two Twelve Medical Center when he was injured in a snowboarding accident. This issue also features a Q&A about clinical trials, information about the expansion of Two Twelve Medical Center in Chaska and Ridgeview' new oncologist/hematologist, and a story about a Buffalo resident who has a new outlook on life thanks to his Ridgeview doctors.
  • HealthViews Winter 2013

    The Winter 2013 issue of HealthViews features a story about a Ridgeview patient who benefited from a robotic hysterectomy. Her story and more can be found in the newest edition of HealthViews.
  • HealthViews Winter 2012

    Read about a family's Ridgeview Birthing Center and Neonatal Care Unit experience in the Winter 2012 issue of HealthViews. Ridgeview Hospice, Delano Clinic and Family Health Manager are also featured, along with upcoming classes and events.
  • HealthViews Fall 2012

    Read about a Delano resident who survived five cardiac arrests in the Fall 2012 issue of HealthViews. Other stories include information about Ridgeview Sleep Center, a Victoria family's experience with a Ridgeview Clinic doctor, and more.
  • HealthViews Summer 2012

    Read about a woman who feels like a new person following weight loss surgery at Ridgeview Bariatric & Weight Loss Center; information about rheumatology-related conditions; and information on Family Health Manager, an online tool that helps patients and individuals proactively manage their health.
  • HealthViews Spring 2012

    The Spring 2012 issue of HealthViews features a story about a student-athlete who had an ‘extraordinary experience’ with Ridgeview’s Orthopedics Program, information about heart scan calcium scoring; internist Paul Olson, MD; and Ridgeview nationally recognized cancer care services.
  • HealthViews Winter 2011

    Learn about Two Twelve Medical Center, a new model of health care in the Midwest that offers 24/7 Emergency and Urgent Care in one destination. Opening February 1, 2011, Two Twelve is located in Chaska, Minnesota.
  • HealthViews Fall 2011

    This issue features Ridgeview's accredited diabetes program, hearttfelt patient stories and Ridgeview's recent honor at being named one of the Top 100 Hospitals for Patient Experience by WomenCertified®.
  • HealthViews Spring 2011

    This issue features information about Ridgeview's new Bariatric & Weight Loss Center, as well as the new da Vinci Surgical System that was introduced at Ridgeview in February.
  • HealthViews Summer 2011

    Read about a patient who credits Ridgeview specialist with care and attention to detail that likely prevented a more serious outcome and another patient's experience with a unique hearing solution.