Family Health Manager offers new features, helps users achieve better health

What's your health score? A health assessment through Family Health Manager ranks your health across 10 categories and supports you as you focus on activity, nutrition, pain, sleep and well-being. Find out your score now!

In May, wellclicks released an update to Family Health Manager to help users proactively manage health. The updated product helps patients and consumers become more aware of their personal health status and helps them proactively manage their health by recommending wellness resources in their community. The online tool, featured on Ridgeview’s Web site, provides users with provider information, classes and event details and registration, and health information—all of which impact recommendations provided by the tool.

When users enroll in the Family Health Manager, they access an online health assessment that asks questions about health history, health behaviors, and emotional wellbeing. Once the assessment is complete, users receive recommendations to improve health, and information about ways to take action. The tool includes features such as:

  • A place to log and track key health numbers such as blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.;
  • Action steps to improve personal health scores in key areas of wellness (activity, nutrition, sleep, pain management and well-being); and
  • Increased mobile compatibility along with a mobile provider finder.

To complete the online health assessment, create a Family Health Manager account—or log in to your existing account—at