Emergency care for life's unpredictability

"Cancer isn't for wimps," said Crystal Gravelle of Watertown. This busy 32-year-old mom, high school paraprofessional and volleyball coach fought and won the battle against Hodgkin's Lymphoma, Then, two years after diagnosis, she announced delightful news that no one expected.

Although Crystal experienced pain and setback along her courageous cancer journey, she never lost sight of the finish line. The starting line was Ridgeview Emergency Department in Waconia.

"When I went to the ED, I thought I had a kidney stone," Crystal said. "This wasn't exactly the news I anticipated."

Bobbi Painter, the Ridgeview Emergency Department nurse who selflessly stood by Crystal's side that day, gave her strength and a lifetime of gratitude she'll never forget.

Crystal said, "Thankfully, the right people were with me at the right time."

After getting the news of a cancer diagnosis, Crystal said she was surrounded by "the best doctors" who won her trust with personalized, upbeat orchestration of her treatment plan–all complete before she left the Emergency Department.

With the care plan and Ridgeview team on her side, along with an army of friends, family and community cheering her on–Crystal said she had what it took to "kick some cancer butt."

During a series of tests, scans, lab work and six months of grueling chemotherapy, Crystal believed through it all that stumbling wasn't part of the game plan. Finishing strong was.

She did exactly that.

Today, she is cancer-free and credits the entire Ridgeview team who made her feel important, and–when it mattered most–comforted.

Now for the surprise.

Shortly after her treatment, Crystal became pregnant.

Her son, Brody, is now big brother to his new little sister, Olivia, born in October.

"My beautiful baby girl is the precious reward at the end of my rigorous race," Crystal said with a beaming smile.

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