Coping with the holidays

November and December bring with them snow and holidays dependent on family traditions and gatherings. Even if we wanted to ignore Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hanukah, grocery stores, malls, TV ads and radio music are pervasive; everywhere and all the time. In addition to these holidays, there are seasons and special days to consider all year round. At this free event, presented by Judy Young, a retired Alina Grief Counselor, all the days and seasons when grief can be triggered and feel more painful will be discussed. Judy will teach strategies on how to relieve pain from grief and how to protect your independence – strategies she has learned from grievers. This reinforces the truth that people in pain can help other people who are in pain.

  • When: Tuesday, Nov. 13
  • Time: Gathering and refreshments at 6 p.m. followed by program at 6:30 p.m.
  • Where: Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church
  • 800 Waconia Parkway N.
  • Waconia, MN 55387

To register, sign up on Ridgeview's website or call 952-442-8083.

About Regional Grief Support Network

In order to better serve people in our geographic area who have experienced loss (divorce, financial reversal, unemployment, dementia, diminished health or physical capacity, the death of a loved one) or who are anticipating loss (caring for an ailing loved one), a new Regional Grief Support Network has been developed to provide emotional support and resources. Support groups are hosted at a variety of locations, days, and times.  Each session will include a speaker or activity and time for interaction/support. For more information, visit or contact Sue DeGolier at