Published on February 06, 2021

Ridgeview Vaccinating more than 3,000 Patients at Large-Scale Clinic Event

Photo of patient receiving COVID-19 vaccination
Photo of a vaccination check in station
Photo of Ridgeview's COVID-19 vaccination clinic event
Photo of a COVID-19 Vaccination Receipt
Photo of Ridgeview's Vaccination Clinic event
Photo of Ridgeview's Vaccination Clinic event

After receiving its first supply of COVID-19 vaccines for patients just this week, Ridgeview opened a large-scale, appointment-only vaccine clinic at a former dance ballroom in Waconia—administering vaccines to nearly 2,100 of its primary care patients ages 65 years and older Feb. 4-5. More than 1,200 additional doses will be administered on Feb. 8, the third and final day of Ridgeview’s first Patient Vaccination Clinic event.

“Administering vaccines to so many of our patients like this is one of the most rewarding services Ridgeview has offered – immediately impacting the health and safety of our community,” said Mike Phelps, president and CEO, Ridgeview. “Seeing the emotion in patients’ eyes, hearing the heartfelt words of thanks and listening to the ‘I’m so happy’ comments far prevails the opening of new buildings or launching new business ventures.”

“Ridgeview’s legacy of agility, creativity and collaboration is no better represented than what we are doing in just a few short days – vaccinating thousands of our patients,” Phelps added. “I am so proud of what the entire Ridgeview team has done to benefit so many of our community members.”

More than 100 Ridgeview staff and volunteers – with more than 1,000 combined hours of service – collaborated to operationalize the vaccine event, including administering vaccines, registering patients, assisting with parking and directing patients, and more.

Ridgeview opened vaccination appointments to its primary care patients in phases, beginning with patients ages 65 and older, and directly contacted those who met State and Federal eligibility criteria. All patients within the targeted age ranges, regardless of economic or social determinants of health, will be offered the vaccine as supplies become more available.

“We know that many more people want a vaccine than current supplies allow. We expect to be able to offer the vaccine to more of our patients as we seek to acquire consistent access to state and federal supply lines,” Phelps added.

Ridgeview also partnered with Carver County and Carver County Public Health to plan and support the event, held at the Lake Waconia Event Center in Waconia.