Published on May 09, 2019

Ridgeview patient grateful for colon screeningBonnie Hank sits on steps with her family.

Bonnie Hank’s grandmother died from colon cancer at age 71—and because of her family history— Bonnie had her first colonoscopy at age 27.

Bonnie adhered to her doctor’s recommendation for screening and had four additional colonoscopies over the next 10 years. Each time, they came back negative. Bonnie admits that after repeated clear screenings, it fell off her radar. She figured she’d be fine.

That was until she learned about Cologuard during a workplace colorectal cancer educational event hosted by her employer LSI, Inc. and Ridgeview Medical Center. “I really didn’t want to have a full colonoscopy, because I was sure it would be negative again, just like my previous screenings in my 20s and 30s,” said Bonnie. “But I still wanted peace of mind. Cologuard seemed like a smart, discrete option. It’s a home test kit where you mail a stool sample to a lab and receive results at home.”

“When I heard back from Cologuard, I couldn’t believe my results were irregular and a colonoscopy was recommended,” says Bonnie. “So I scheduled one and three very large polyps were removed from my colon.”

Bonnie is grateful that she chose to get back on track and have this preventive screening after several years had gone by. “Foremost, I recommend that everyone have a colonoscopy, but if you’re truly reluctant to do so, please have the Cologuard test.”

— Bonnie Hank, age 51, Le Sueur, Minn.

Speak to your provider if you have concerns about colon cancer.