Published on September 21, 2018

Ridgeview Le Sueur Medical Center installs InstyMeds machine

Ridgeview Le Sueur Medical Center is now offering patients the option to have prescriptions filled immediately before leaving the Urgent Care and Emergency Department. It recently installed InstyMeds, a fully automated ATM-style machine that dispenses prescription medications directly to patients.

“This system offers a safe, convenient option for our patients to receive their prescribed medications at the point of care before leaving, especially after hours when the local pharmacy is closed,” said Pam Williams, Vice President, Ridgeview Le Sueur Medical Center. “Many of our patients’ visits to Urgent Care and the Emergency Department happen outside of regular business hours, and with InstyMeds, those patients can now have those urgent prescriptions filled immediately.”

“Hospitals nationwide – including Ridgeview Medical Center in Waconia – are using this system and, with more than 2 million InstyMed dispenses without error, the system is 100 percent safe for our patients,” Williams added.

According to InstyMeds, the automatic process takes just a few minutes to complete. A medical provider enters a medication order electronically, counsels the patient on the prescribed medication and gives the patient a voucher with a unique security code. Using the touch-screen of the InstyMeds dispenser, the patient enters the unique security code and their date of birth. The patient then swipes a debit or credit card to pay for the medication. After the dispenser performs a triple bar code safety check, the prepackaged, labeled product is dispensed to the patient. For information, visit