Published on June 20, 2017

Patient Thankful for Emergency Department’s Life-Saving Care

Despite a car accident that broke her neck and forced doctors to amputate her left arm, Jessie Krone is filled with gratitude. She’s thankful for the skilled team of medical professionals who saved more than her life.

On the morning of July 18, 2016, Krone left her Lester Prairie home to drop her son off at a local football camp and then head to work in Waconia. She took her usual backroad route so she could enjoy the rolling hills and farmland. It was a relaxing drive, but suddenly, everything went dark.

“I blacked-out, the last thing I remember is veering over to the side of the road and I ended up hitting a tree,” Krone explained.

When first responders arrived, they found Jessie unresponsive and bleeding extensively with her left arm trapped in the wreckage. They worked diligently and within minutes were able extract Jessie using the Jaws of Life. “Jessie was losing a lot of blood and she needed help fast,” said Patty Flattery, EMT Ridgeview.

The Emergency Department at Ridgeview was waiting for Jessie and immediately began stabilizing her airway and treating her arm. Valerie Johnson, MD Emergency Physicians & Consultants, PA., used a bedside ultrasound machine to look for internally injuries.

As Johnson explored Jessie’s abdomen, she found something unexpected. “I saw a heartbeat, I saw a head, I saw a baby,” Johnson recalled. “We were trying to save Jessie’s life and realized there’s a baby, a baby who isn’t doing well.”

Because Jessie was unresponsive, no one knew she was seven months pregnant.

The team went from having one critical patient, to having two. The room quickly filled with additional medical staff to support Jessie and her baby. Mollie was born by C-section seconds later. “Our hospital community came together for Mollie, our little miracle,” said Dennis Mohling, MD, Western OB/GYN.

The Ridgeview neonatal team was standing ready to take over Mollie’s care. “Having the resources in place, we were able to get Mollie quickly stabilized and transported safely to Children’s Hospital,” says Ellen Bendel-Stenzel, MD Minnesota Neonatal Physicians, PA.

A New Beginning

Nearly a year after her accident, Jessie is finding her new normal. Her quick laugh and easy smile are signs of her gratitude for everyday moments with Logan and Mollie, Sunday dinners at her parent’s farm and the ability to return to work. “Thank you isn’t enough,” Krone explained, “I could have had nothing but now I have everything.”