Published on December 04, 2017

Men's Health Matters: Find a primary care provider to work with

Mike Phelps“It’s important to me to stay physically and mentally healthy and fit so I can enjoy life to its fullest for as long as possible.” Mike Phelps, president & CEO, Ridgeview Medical Center

Self-described as “middle-aged,” Phelps challenges his body with regular workouts and competitive sports while challenging his mind at work and home. “Having mental and physical balance is important, as is assuring my body is maintained properly by getting regular checkups and screenings.” Though a hospital CEO, Phelps – like many men – doesn’t like going to the doctor; however, with colon cancer in his family history he started regular screenings at an early age. He also says having a primary care doctor identified as his regular provider has made it easier and more comfortable seeing that person for physicals, screenings and even asking the odd or uncomfortable questions over time as they get to know each other. “The occasional reminder from home and the doctor’s office doesn’t hurt either,” Phelps shared.