Published on February 24, 2017

Ridgeview Le Sueur Medical Center Emergency Room team catches the 'big one' in time

Photo of Joel Webster holding a fish.

Saturday, Jan. 21 could have been the worst day of Joel Webster’s life. He woke up early in the morning to work on cleaning up some things from around his home. He loaded up his trailer and hauled away a load of furniture and other discarded items. He stopped at the Holiday gas station to get a cup of coffee and returned home to start on his next project of cleaning up the yard. He tended to his chickens and loaded up various debris in his wheelbarrow. It was then, late morning, that the chest pain hit him. And hard. He walked up to the house and sat down on the couch. He was sweating and his skin was getting clammy. Joel’s wife Linda was home and he told her that they needed to go to the emergency room. Joel walked downstairs and took 2 aspirin, then made the decision that they couldn’t wait any longer, they needed to leave quickly. “Let’s go now,” he said.

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