Frequently Asked Questions about the DoTopia giving opportunity through Ridgeview’s Family Health Manager

DoTopia is Ridgeview’s operations partner and fiscal agent for this giving opportunity.
When someone registers for Ridgeview’s Family Health Manager and directs a one-time $15 donation to a nonprofit organization of his/her choice, how is the information used?

Name, address, email information: DoTopia will use email addresses provided by each registered user only to contact those who have not completed the health assessment and/or logged two health interests—both steps must be completed before a donation can be made. The DoTopia email will specify what action needs to be completed to ensure the $15 one-time donation will be sent to the nonprofit organization of choice. Email addresses are not used by DoTopia for any other purpose.

Personal health information (including Health Risk Assessment/Score, individual goals and account settings):  Only the registered user has access to his/her personal health information.

How can I or supporters of my nonprofit organization be sure that the requested one-time $15 donation was processed?

Each person who completes the Family Health Manager registration process—including taking the online health assessment, logging at least two health interests and selecting an eligible nonprofit organization—will receive an email thanking them for registering for Family Health Manager and confirming that the donation is on its way to the selected nonprofit organization.

How often are funds distributed to the selected nonprofit organizations?
Checks are mailed weekly from DoTopia, and will include a letter that lists the names of each person who directed a one-time $15 donation to the receiving organization.

How often will DoTopia or Ridgeview contact me or the people who directed donations to my nonprofit organization?

As Ridgeview’s operations partner, DoTopia will send:

  1. A thank you email to each person who has successfully completed the registration process and directed a donation.
  2. A reminder email to each person who has not completed the registration process—indicating that completion of the health risk assessment and/or logging of at least two health interests is needed to complete the registration process.

Separately, each individual who has a Ridgeview Family Health Manager account will receive notifications, reminders and/or suggestions from Family Health Manager according to their unique health interests (personal health information provided upon account registration). You can opt out of these email notifications at any time.