Raise money for a local organization

AND help take control of your health


Ridgeview cares about the health of our community and local organizations. That's why Ridgeview will give $15 for every person who registers for Family Health Manager on Ridgeview's website to the nonprofit organization they select. The process is easy:


For local nonprofit organizations: Promote Ridgeview's online health and wellness tool to your membership, and encourage your members to earn $15 for your organization by registering. For each completed Family Health Manager registration associated with your organization's unique code, you receive a $15 donation.

For members of organizations/local nonprofit supporters: Register for Family Health Manager and enter the code for the organization you choose; Ridgeview will then make a $15 donation to that organization on your behalf. Note: If you already have a Family Health Manager account, log into your account and go to Settings.  Select “My Settings” and scroll down to “Program or Organization Code”. Only one donation can be made per eligible account holder.

List of Organization Codes      Request to Add Your Organization

For more information about promotional materials available to nonprofit organizations, contact Ridgeview Community Relations at 952-442-8084. If you don't see your organization listed, complete the form above (click the "Request to Add Your Organization" button).


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