Birthing Center

Ridgeview Medical Center has a long-standing reputation throughout the west metro and beyond as the place to have a baby. The experience has reached the next level with the addition of a new Birthing Center in 2009. The personalized care and quality people expect from Ridgeview is delivered in soothing, elegant accommodations.

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Our Birthing Center features:

  • Six birthing suites with full-sized bathtubs, offering mothers the option to labor in water and have a water birth aided by certified nurse midwives
  • 18 private "spa-like" postpartum suites with hotel-like décor and amenities
  • Breastfeeding guidance and follow-up support by our team of lactation specialists who have been nationally recognized
  • Two gift shops, including the Ridgeview Lily Pad Boutique, located at the entrance of the Birthing Center
  • Latest technology in nurse call systems, fetal monitoring and infant security
  • Genetic counseling services
  • Neonatal Care Unit

Ridgeview’s Network of Professionals and Clinics

Ridgeview has a network of professionals available to meet the unique health needs of women and children at all of life’s stages.

Our providers include:

  • ob/gyn physicians and surgeons
  • certified nurse midwives
  • pediatricians
  • family physicians
  • nurse practitioners
  • neonatologists and neonatal nurse practitioners
  • perinatologists
  • lactation consultants
  • genetic counselors, and more.