Personal Fitness Programs

Metabolic Testing

Metabolic rate is the speed at which the body expends energy. Knowing your personal metabolic rate while exercising and while resting is vital for weight loss and determining your proper caloric intake. The New LeafTM VO2 metabolic assessment system can accurately measure your metabolic profile and create an objective exercise plan specific to your individual physiology.

Tracking, managing, and updating your fitness efforts can help keep you committed to a fitness program. Seeing the improvements in your metabolism—your body learning to burn more fat for longer stretches of time, your improving heart rate, the increase in calories burned during exercise—is a great motivator.

The information that comes from your metabolic assessment is used to create a program of effective workouts that teach your body to burn fat efficiently. It means that when you exercise, you can take satisfaction in knowing that you’re burning fat—instead of just time.

The insights from your exercising metabolic assessment and profile are used to create a 12-week fitness program that will train your metabolism to perform at its highest level. Active metabolic training, ultimately, is the science-based secret to carrying less fat, building more muscle, and attaining your ultimate fitness goal.

Sometimes, we can all use a little help in the motivation department. Reassessing your metabolic profile every 12 weeks can help in so many ways. As you’re putting your assessment to use and working with your fitness tools—sticking with your exercise plan, monitoring the data from your heart rate monitor, eating what’s best for your body—you can feel the progress you’re making toward your fitness goal.

Initial Resting/Exercising Metabolic Rate
Members: $160
Nonmembers: $192

Follow-up Resting/Exercising Metabolic Rate
Members: $105
Nonmembers: $126

FIT: Personal Training

Work with a certified athletic trainer to help you get the most out of your fitness program. A number of programs are available with the flexibility to pay only when you can schedule time with your fitness coach by using your FIT punch card. Sessions run 45 minutes.

FIT Start-Up

This 60-minute session with an athletic trainer includes reviewing your health history and fitness goals. It will provide you with a personalized fitness plan based on your current fitness level and goals. Whether your goal is to tone up or slim down, we will get you on the right track. If you are new to Ridgeview athletic trainers, this session is required before you can purchase a follow-up or punch card.

Members: $60 • Nonmembers: $72

FIT Start-Up/Follow-Up

One 60-minute session as defined above and a 45-minute follow-up session will help you progress your program to meet your fitness goals.

Members: $100 • Nonmembers: $120

FIT Follow-Up

One 45-minute session will help you adjust and progress your current program to meet your fitness goals.

Members: $50 • Nonmembers: $60

FIT Punch Card Rates
5 sessions: $215 for members • $258 for nonmembers
8 sessions: $299 for members • $360 for nonmembers

Semi-Private FIT Sessions

This is an economical alternative to receive some individualized attention in a small group setting. Grab a buddy or a few teammates and call us to set up your fitness or sports performance training. Classes run 45 minutes.

Per Person for 6 Sessions (member pricing):

2 people $190
3 people $140
4 people $105
5 people $85

Per Person for 6 Sessions (nonmember pricing):

2 people $228
3 people $168
4 people $126
5 people $102

Pilates Rehab Reformer

Popular Reformer equipment allows you to work your entire body very precisely to develop good alignment, core strength and flexibility. Reformer training is offered by a personal trainer for maximum results. All sessions are located at Ridgeview Rehab in Waconia. Call (952) 442-7898 to schedule an appointment.

Start-Up Package – If you are new to the Reformer or Ridgeview’s method of instruction, a 60-minute assessment is important to determine your needs for effective results. This package also includes two 40-minute follow-ups on the Reformer.                                  

Cost: $150

Package A – Available after the Start-Up Package has been completed. Five 40-minute sessions on the Reformer.                                   

Cost: $200

Package B – Available after the Start-Up Package has been completed. Ten 40-minutes sessions on the Reformer.            

Cost: $375

Athletic Injury Assessment

Is your training giving you pain? When your training exceeds your physical limits, try an injury assessment with one of Ridgeview's certified athletic trainers or physical therapists. Ridgeview will assess your injury and recommend a program that will help you to recover and avoid future injuries.

Cost: $35

Seasonal Classes

Check with Safari Island in Waconia for information on our seasonal classes.

  • Pilates Level I
  • Pilates Level II

Cost: $45-$60 per hour