Ridgeview Foundation recognizes four giving clubs: Ridgeview Friends & Family, Business Partners, Legacy Society, and Founders Society. By joining one of our giving clubs, you can help touch lives and truly make a difference in your community.

Ridgeview Friends & Family

Ridgeview Friends & Family, Ridgeview Foundation’s largest giving club, combines community members and employees in a collaborative effort to support Ridgeview Medical Center. It is the anchor of the annual fund with over 800 donors. Every gift is significant considering Ridgeview Foundation’s partner, Ridgeview Medical Center, is a nonprofit and independent health care organization. Inspired by the desire to provide exceptional health care for our region, Ridgeview Friends & Family donors are united by their commitment to Ridgeview’s patients and families.

Ridgeview Foundation’s Ridgeview Friends & Family program is a gateway to benefit friends, family, neighbors and community for generations to come. It’s about collaboration—coming together to accomplish projects never thought possible!

Over the last 10 years, cancer patients, nurses, patient families, doctors, babies and more have all benefited from Ridgeview Friends & Family. One gift at a time, the following has been accomplished:

  • Cancer treatment room
  • Intensive Care Unit family waiting room
  • Emergency Department triage room and renovated hospital cafeteria
  • Three patient rooms and a family lounge in the Center for Women & Children
  • Children’s play area in Imaging waiting room
  • Baby warmers, ambulance defibrillators and two surgery suites
  • Student scholarships to nurture our future generation of health care workers
  • Dining Room and Nursing station/lounge at the Marie Steiner Kelting Hospice Home in Chaska

Currently, Ridgeview Friends & Family members annually support the Health Care Scholarship Program and the Prayer Shawl Program, and coordinate the annual Ridgeview Friends & Family Come Together event. Donors are also welcome to support other projects with their annual donation if they so choose.

Ridgeview Business Partners

Throughout the year, Ridgeview Foundation conducts three high-profile events; the Golf & Taste Celebration, Ridgeview Under the Harvest Moon and Achieving a Healthy Balance. These events are attended by community leaders, business leaders, area professionals, residents of our region and civic organization members. Our Business Partners program exists to help businesses connect and collaborate with us in a way that’s valuable to them and to Ridgeview. We understand that becoming a corporate partner is easier if it fits into your marketing and promotion strategy. We know business leaders want to give back to the community in which their employees live and work. We also know that giving back should fit into your budget. We created our Business Partners program to do just that and can tailor it to fit your needs.

For further information about this exciting program, contact Ridgeview Foundation office at 952-442-6010.

Legacy Society

It’s not what you leave; it’s what you say by leaving something. By remembering Ridgeview Foundation in your estate plan, you will create a lasting connection between you, your community, Ridgeview Medical Center and the patients and families it serves. Your planned gift can help ensure that quality, state-of-the-art health care will remain available locally for generations to come.

The Legacy Society is comprised of individuals who are so committed to the future growth of the Medical Center that they have made a planned gift to Ridgeview Foundation. Each member of this distinguished group of philanthropists has left a legacy by making an enduring, positive impact on the community.

How to Become a Member
One does not have to be wealthy or aged to begin thinking about an estate plan that includes a charitable gift. In fact, it's just as important for people with more modest estates to have a plan that will provide for the needs of their families and honor their philanthropic passions.

It is important to remember that planned giving comes in all forms and sizes. Select the method that works best for you with the realization that, over time, every gift can make a substantial difference.
If you would like to discuss philanthropic opportunities through your estate, please call Ridgeview Foundation. Our staff would be happy to meet with you and/or your preferred estate-planning professional to discuss how a planned gift can make a difference in the health of your community.


The Founder's Society

Ridgeview Foundation established The Founder’s Society in 2002 to recognize its most generous benefactors. Members play a critical role in helping Ridgeview fulfill its mission of providing the very best health care to the people of our area.

The Founder’s Society makes a vital difference in assuring the advancement of health care technology and services in many important areas of our Medical Center. Members’ gifts or pledges of $10,000 to more than $1,000,000 greatly impact Ridgeview’s success and future direction. One hundred percent of Founder’s Society contributions are used to support the project chosen by its members.

How Will I Be Recognized?
As a member of The Founder’s Society, you will receive a uniquely designed personal gift commemorating your participation in the giving club. You will also be listed in Ridgeview Medical Center’s Annual Report and will receive invitations to member events, including strategic planning sessions with the president and CEO of the Medical Center.